• EmaxDesign 10 Pairs Fake Eyelashes, Multipack Natural 3D False Eyelashes

EmaxDesign 10 Pairs Fake Eyelashes, Multipack Natural 3D False Eyelashes

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Natural 3D 10 Pairs Fake Eyelashes - multipack natural 3d fake eyelashes

Product description

EmaxDesign® - My Beautiful Life
For Applying Makeup Perfectly

How to Apply False Eyelashes:
1. First, measure the length of the lash to make sure it fits your eye shape, trimming the excess if necessary. 
2. Apply a thin line of adhesive along the false eyelash band. Wait one minute until the adhesive becomes sticky. Be generous at both the inner and outer corners so the glue won’t unstick when you blink.
3. Aim for the base of your natural lash line and start at the inner corner of the eyes. Use tweezers to put the fake eyelashes directly on the top of your natural lash lines, lightly pressing the fake eyelashes from inner corner to outer corner to make sure the false lashes match your natural lash line.
4. If you see a gap showing on the eyelid between your real lashes and falsies, use eyeliner to fill in and hide any gaps.
5. Once you’ve placed both lashes, add mascara to the lashes; this will help integrate the natural lashes with the false ones. Eyeshadow can be applied afterward.

Eyelashes Removal Tips:
1. Pre-soften the glue with a cotton swab that has been soaked in an oily makeup remover.
2. Dab the swab along the lash line to loosen the glue and break down its stickiness.
3. With your eye open, take hold of the lash at the tip of the outer corner. Close your eyes and slowly peel the strip away from your real lash, working from outer to inner corner toward the nose.

Package Includes:
10x Pair of Eyelashes
1x User Manual

Note: Glue is not included

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