How to Choose a Full Professional Makeup Brush Set

  • Thursday, 21 May 2020
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How to Choose a Full Professional Makeup Brush Set

If you're planning to use a full professional makeup brush set to get the best result, you should go for natural hair instead of synthetic. Synthetic hair is cheaper but also harder to manage, resulting in more damage over time.

The downside is that synthetic hair brushes tend to take longer to dry up, making them very susceptible to stains. To avoid this, look for a grooming brush made out of natural hair. This will help you avoid those tears and nicks caused by the synthetic hair.

Make sure that the smaller brushes are not too soft or too hard. They should be firm enough to pick up powder but flexible enough to draw off dirt and oils from your face. Larger brushes should also have a good amount of flexibility but be firm enough to do the job. It is crucial that you use brushes which are not too small and not too large.

While going through your beauty product box, look for brushes with synthetic bristles. Synthetic bristles are less likely to come apart than natural hair ones, so you can avoid losing bristles.

It's also important that the brushes are fully sized and covered with protective cases. Dust can gather in tiny spaces, thus disrupting the brushes' performance.

The handles of brushes should be smooth and ergonomic. You may find that they are too stiff, causing your arm to feel sore after using the brush for a while. The handle of the brush should not rub your skin while you're applying foundation or smudging a little powder puff.

You also need to make sure that the brushes are fastened properly. You don't want to risk damaging your brushes by trying to fasten them incorrectly. Your makeup will last longer if the brushes are fastened properly.

Purchasing a full professional makeup brush set is an investment worth every penny. Go through your closet and get the brushes you need, so you'll never need to apply foundation again.

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