Choosing a Professional Makeup Brush Kit

  • Saturday, 05 December 2020
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Choosing a Professional Makeup Brush Kit

For the makeup professional who doesn't have a large amount of brushes and/or makeup brushes, a professional makeup brush set is an excellent way to stay organized and make proper use of their supplies. Professional makeup brushes are designed to be used in a specific manner, each with its own purpose and different ways of application. They also offer various types of products such as travel brushes that are designed specifically for application on the go. When choosing between brushes, it is important to consider your application techniques, your budget, and what you will use them for.

When considering the brushes to purchase from a professional makeup brush kit, you should know that there are mainly four different categories. They are; synthetic bristle, full goat hair, mink, and faux leather. All four are popular, but which among these will best suit your needs? To help you decide, here are the four:

Powder Blending Brush - This is the most versatile brush in a professional makeup brush kit. You can use this brush to apply powder, mineral, eye shadow, and eyeliner all in one step. The best feature about a powder blending brush is that it is made out of synthetic bristles. Synthetic bristles do not cause any irritation or allergic reactions and they do provide a very smooth and even application.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush - An angle brush blended with a powdered eyeshadow will give an excellent look. It is a very useful tool when you want to apply eyeshadow to a variety of areas around your eyes. It is important that you do not use an angled brush with eyeshadow because you may apply too much shade if you have wide-spaced eyes. The best aspect about using an eye-blending brush is that it has a long, curved bristles which distribute the color to your entire lid area.

Pencil Brush - This is often used in conjunction with an eye shadow brush. A pencil brush is specifically designed to be used when applying eye shadow. The pencil brush is also ideal for defining and creating eye makeup. A wide-spaced liner brush can be very helpful if you want to create an extensive range of different colors and shades within a single application.

Most professional kits come with all of these brushes, but it is possible to purchase additional items from your retailer if you choose. Professional kits often come with a full set of brushes, including two eye pencils, two eyeliners, a powder blending brush, and a mascara in case you desire a smudge-proof application. The size and shape of the bristles of the eye pencils and the liner brush determine how fine or thick the product applied. If you purchase a compact version, the brushes are also machine washable.

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